Posted by: spickering | June 6, 2006

Exuberance Is Beauty

It just occured to me (from the infinite source?) that you don’t have to understand why you like something in order for it to be valid, or in order to follow it. Do we ask why light exists before we use it to observe things? “Exuberance is Beauty” the famous quote from William Blake means that our sensations, our “sense” is a valid structure even without the articulation of language or stamp of approval from any of the other cerebral cortex institutions. For instance, right now, for some reason, I wanted to write this. Why? Does it matter? Does it have to be defined? It might be interesting in its own right, but what if the energy spent on wondering why steals energy from the original impulse? Did the universe come into being so that it could be proud of itself? Did it create conscious creatures so that it could be showered with praises? Reason, as Blake says, is the outward circumference of energy, not the source of it. And energy is interest, which comes from a place “far more deeply interfused”, far closer to the ground of being than logic.

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