Posted by: spickering | September 14, 2006

Sound Problems With Quicktime 7 For Windows?

Does your sound crack, warble, and vibrate so much in Quicktime 7 for Windows that it is unlistenable, even though the video is fine? Mine did, and I could never figure out how to fix it. I had given up ever using Quicktime on this computer again, and then I found this fix on in an Apple discussion forum. Now my sound works! Thought I’d share it to do my small part in eliminating some frustration in the world. Here it is:

“A temporary fix is to go to Start > RUN > Type in “dxdiag” and hit OK. Next, at the top click Sound. When it is finished loading, slide the “Hardware Sound Acceleration Level” to the second notch from the left, Basic Acceleration. Upon doing this, your computer will slow down for a second as the software is configured. Sound should work perfectly fine in Quicktime, but games and other 3D audio applications may not preform to their fullest potential, specifically EAX and Hardware accelerated games. But you can simply slide the bar back to Full Acceleration in the DXDIAG window to regain those abilities.”

A guy nicked “Jack the Smack” wrote this on an Apple board. Thanks Jack the Smack! Now I can enjoy Rocketboom again.



  1. Hey, I found a new fix. Uninstall Quicktime, then go to your quicktime directory and delete everything.

    Next, go to Start > Run > “regedit”

    When the window comes up hit CTRL+F. Make sure “Keys” is the only thing check marked, and NOT values and data.

    Type “quicktime” and hit enter. When the first entry appears hit Delete on your keyboard to delete it. Then hit F3 and it will find the next. When all quicktime entries are gone restart. Then go to the Quicktime website and reinstall.

    This worked for me. It must have been some old sound card configuration or entry from an earlier version of Quicktime that had conflicts.

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