Posted by: spickering | September 17, 2006

Eastwood Nottinghamshire

It felt like the stars were speaking to me tonight
(Actually it really did. I’m not trying to write
A poem, although it sounds like a poem.)
It felt like I could touch them and they were
inside me, and I were inside them.
Here on Earth there was a cricket violin
Section and the steady bass drum beat
Of a frog’s throat. That croak creak felt
Like the beating of a heart. I don’t care about

My own heart. Whether it is right or wrong.
Over and over again the same sound
A creaking, outside me, inside me, definitely
Out there under some mound of mud,
But feeling like it were in here where it hurts.
So simple and yet feels more important than all

The various things we admire like when you walk
Away from a party where everyone is beautiful and having
Fun into a quiet straw field where the sunset is blood
Red, alcohol warm. Away from them, away
From them, and yet it somehow feels closer
To the mystery of life to a place where something could actually happen.

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