Posted by: spickering | September 30, 2006

The New Beauty

The essential being is not broken
Up. She waits all eternity for her veil,
And yet, she has not experienced even an hour.
The past is not.
The doors of the clouds blow
What the mind thinks to the end of the Universe
Where Hydrogen and Oxygen have never met.
The Sun drives his chariot in a ring through
Which all the ideas and experiences of seas will sink.
Fuck rationalizing anything.
What do they say now? “He’s great. He compartmentalizes!”
The one who made everything,
The only one who sticks to the line,
For whom a grain of sand is larger than the Universe,
And yet who extends beyond anything
Flies right through that bar.
He burns, blazes, fires, and fuses
Until Time is held still
By his speed like it is for light.

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