Posted by: spickering | September 30, 2006

On Writing

Writing, first and foremost, should be a therapeutic exercise, like working out, meditation, a massage, or a visit to the chiropractor. If there is a tightness going into it, then somehow the wrong attitude is being invoked. One should have fun in there. Then, if nothing else comes of it, that’s fine. One has done something salubrious for oneself.


If one chooses to bring some craft into the picture, wonderful. Still, it should be done with a sense of fun and not seriousness. An then, finally, if the work is therapeutic for a reader, even a single reader, then it has come full circle, and you have something like a new little being that has been born.


Also, we don’t write in order to create. We write in order to discover. The story is there. It’s eternal. We don’t create it. We write in order to discover it. You go into not knowing anything. You throw yourself into the mouth of the tiger. It’s the process that reveals it. Enjoy being inside the process, the ring. Feeling around along the murky bottom is where you might find the treasure. When you enjoy being inside the ring, instead of outside looking in, then magical things can happen. Remember, according to Blake’s mythology, Albion (ie, Great Britain, Jerusalem, or the Essential Being) fell when he fell in love with his creation. You can only fall in love when the thing becomes an object, but when you are in it, it’s not an object because you and it are the same.

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