Posted by: spickering | October 14, 2006

John Grisham on Charlie Rose Notes

Saw him interviewed on Charlie Rose tonight. Interviews with writers and Musicians are my favorites. Some thoughts I took away:

  • Write one page a day. It’ll snowball and take on a life of its own. (I note that Stephen King is famous for saying that, also.)
  • He got his famous ability to move a story from reading the NY Best Seller lists. He majored in Accounting and went to law school. Never had a writing class or lesson. This confirms my thought that reading is the best education for writing.
  • Someday would like to write a novel that would have “literary” staying power.
  • His wife is like a literary partner, in a sense. She reads all first drafts and gives critiques and suggestions all along the way.

Well, I only saw half of it. I need to check and see if it is on again, so that I can see the first half. I like hearing particulars, like when they write, what do they write on, and other habits.

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