Posted by: spickering | October 14, 2006

The Medium Is the Message

With TV and Radio, the Medium’s message was “You are an insignificant
nothing, a little worm.” Sort of like the Old Testament God to Job,
kind of thing. Prometheus, symbolized by Movie Stars and the like,
became the new God. Daring, dashing, taking risks, living an
adventure. But you cannot live an adventure. Who do you think you are,
you little worm, said the medium. The Medium was a lot like Blake’s
The message of the Median now is kinda just the opposite, its one
more of seduction or schmoozing. It’s more like Satan in the New
Testament taking you to the top of the temple, saying, “Look, All of
this Can be yours, just give me this little piece of your soul,
consider me to be your Lord.” I mean, entertainment itself says, “Give
me your soul and I’ll give you the mirage of a dream” instead of
living the dream yourself.
Books were and continue to be the greatest medium, or the most “Jesus”
like. of the modern mediums they are the only democratic ones. Books
are like the Holy Spirit. Books are the only invention of the past
1000 yrs that have been productive to the human spirit and intellect.
Even as I type this into my laptop, I am slightly intimidated. I’m
worried about what the technology thinks. It stares back at me coldly.
Real paper and ink are more committed and enduring than that.
Technology is the Fire that Prometheus stole, and each one of us has
our “liver” eaten out for each minute we enjoy its benefits.

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