Posted by: spickering | November 10, 2006

Newport Jazz Festival

Note to self: Go next year! Or some year. Just saw it tonight on TV, and it reminded my what is so beautiful, what is so inspiring about Jazz: excellence is achieved through inspiration, through exuberance. I’ll never be a Jazz musician. Hell, I may never even be a musician, but nothing inspires me more to try my best with what I got than watching these guys get it. The difference is these guys are striving. They are not being driven by fear of critisism. They’re being driven by joy. And, btw, the way Rutgers is playing football tonight is inspiring me in the same way. This is the meaning of competition: competing with yourself to be your best, not trashing the other side. That’s the meaning of Jazz, of Art, of Life. Jazz is great because it combines the complexity of classical, with the groove of tribal rhythm.

Also, what’s weird, or what’s great is that the wrap it gets is that it is elitist. It’s the opposite of elitist: its inclusive of everything! It doesn’t dump on anything. It appreciates and includes all types of music. It only seems elitist because of the excellence it achieves. And it achieves it through shear joy. Note to self: Watch the Newport Jazz Festival, and you need to see the musicians, not just hear them, to inspire yourself to play better. Oh, btw, that’s the other great thing about Jazz: it teaches you to be a better listener.

Jazz is about the relationship achieved while playing, not recording. Jazz is about the joy of being, not the ego of vanity. Its about performance and interaction together.


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