Posted by: spickering | November 18, 2006

A New Song: “Running It Out”


This was my entry into the 2006 ISC. The music idea I had come up with last year. I liked it because it sort of had a dark verse, sort of progressions you see in metal, and then a brighter chorus with a B11 and Amajor7. I liked how that sounded together. I never liked how the chorus resolved back to the verse, and still don’t. But how good it is from verse to chorus makes it worth it, I think. And pluse, I’ve never written a bridge in my life. I think my blood pressure is too high to write a bridge or something. Bridges just make me too nervous.

Anyway, I finally found some hard copies of poems I wrote a few years ago that I thought I completely lost when my hard drive went to the great hard drive in the sky. So I got the verse lyrics out of one of those Robert Frost imitations called “Came In.” I’ll publish that poem here soon. The chorus came out of the blue the other day when I was working on another song. I’m going to need to practice singing like I practice guitar. My voice is just freaking tone deaf. And if practice doesn’t help I need to give up music and just become a writer. I really think that is more of my calling anyway. Here are the lyrics:

I sat looking at the river dark
Beneath shimmering trees where I left my heart.
In a haze, the golden blue caressed the bank.
I looked up through its sparkling eyes, and my mind sank.

I’m running all night
But if you stay loving me in the next life I’ll be allright.

I’m running all day
But in the morning blue sky
The moon says I’ll be ok.

The first time on its cool grass in the moonlight
I touched lips, kissing this daughter of the night.
From school, we drove through the trees in her car.
With River Birch and red cliffs we touched evening’s star.


  1. […] you to write songs in under 4 minutes, and yet all the best songs are like 6 and 7 minutes. My song “Running It Out” which I changed the title to “Stay Lovin’ Me” failed the ISC competition. Bummer. […]

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