Posted by: spickering | January 29, 2007

The Thorn Birds

I was just thinking of that movie and book from when I was a kid. It seems a perfect symbol: the bird impaling itself and singing its most beautiful song when it is dieing, is a perfect symbol for “killing” the ego, and then the most beautiful song comes.  But some would say, “Isn’t the only point of a beautiful song, to impress people?” -No. The beautiful song is the result, the outward circumference, as Blake would say, of “it”,  of the mystery, of the one thing one should do with one’s life. The point of the thorn is another good symbol of that sort of exactness, precision, that’s involved in the process of finding the mystery. I’m not smart enough to know what that is, but I feel like I’m sort of carving around it like a sculptor, and it is starting to gradually reveal itself.

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