Posted by: spickering | February 5, 2007

The Year of the Cat

Just listened to “Year of the Cat” again because my bass player said the whole album is good. Anyway, as I was listening to the intro, I thought “How long is this?” The intro is a whole minute! This song itself is 6:38! Everyone tells you to write songs in under 4 minutes, and yet all the best songs are like 6 and 7 minutes.
My song “Running It Out” which I changed the title to “Stay Lovin’ Me” failed the ISC competition. Bummer. But about a month after I recorded it, I knew it would. I wasn’t happy with it. The song seems to drag, laboriously for too long. I think the whole idea to put a poem to music was a bad idea. I think lyrics need to sort of rise out of the music down there where they are hiding. The singing isn’t good. The guitar solo isn’t good, and the chorus which I was so excited about, is just ok. Oh well. The sad thing is how good I thought it was going to be when it was being born. That takes a little confidence away. I have a new song that I like a lot. I call it “She.” I made a rough demo of it that’s not bad, although my voice goes out on the last chorus. I can’t sing it the way I want to. Singing is the key to all of this stuff.
Well, the band can’t get together for a few weeks because Jeff, the drummer had a change in schedule at work. It’s a bummer because it seems just like when we are making progress, we have to stop, and then everything seems like it has to start at square one. Well, I guess I will make a virtue of necessity, and spend the time working on vocals. That’s the one element that would bring this band together. And I’ll write some lyrics for some of my other ideas, and start producing the music for “She.”

The rest of this “Year of the Cat” album isn’t doing anything for me. “Midas Shadow” is probably the best of the other songs. But I don’t see myself purchasing it on Itunes.

However, I do like this live version of “On the Border” that he did recently. It’s here. That second guitarist looks like he is playing a flat top, but it has to be nylon strings. I want to be able to play fills like that.

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