Posted by: spickering | February 6, 2007

Making It Too Friggin’ Hard

Just saw Mellencamp on Imus in the Morning. Man, if I wanted to make it in the music business, and I’m not sure I do, I would ask myself why I am making it so friggin’ hard. We all think we have to play like Van Halen or Clapton or sing like some bat out of hell, or write some complex prog rock song like Yes or Rush to make it. It’s insanity, I tell you. Insanity! A few chords strummed on an acoustic guitar, a nice catchy melody, some words about something that mean something to you, and finding your own “real” voice. That’s all there is. We all think we have to be George Martin, all the Beatles, Brian Epstein, a computer whiz and Dimebag Daryl all rolled into one to make it. Oh, its just so impossible out there! Yeah, its just so hard, all the while Mellencamp writes a 4 chord song strummed on an acoustic that appeals to millions and millions because, you know what, its just plain good. Easy and good. Easy and Good. Easy and Good. No affecianado stuff. Just relaxed. A human being. And good.
And another thing, I think anyone would sound good with one of those Martins that he was playing…

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