Posted by: spickering | February 7, 2007


Guitars 5×4

I have a Stratocastor. American. Bought it in 1990 for like 600 and change. I first dreamed of one when I was a kid and came home every day and saw “New Years Day” the U2 Video on MTV. Then I saw that Clapton played one, and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind that it was the coolest guitar in the world. And it is! There’s something so sublime about it. Last year I bought a Mexican Tele bc I had a Stones obscession for so long. THen I was thinking it would be cool to have many guitars like Tom Petty’s Guitarist, or John Mayer. But recently I read an interview in one of the Guitar Mags with a really great blues player who had played with Canned Heat, and he had a white Strat, and they asked him what all guitars he played and he said, “Oh, just this one. It gets jealous if I play others and tightens up.” And I thought, “That’s true.” So I gave up on my dreams of having a house full of different guitars and different colors. Which is a lot less expensive option. Although, I need to get a Martin Acoustic. The action on that $400 Taylor Big Baby is too high at the 12th fret, although it sounds good and is easy on the open chords. With new strings it sounds like the London Symphony, for about two days. And then I guess strings just age naturally or something, because no matter how much I wash my hands they just sort of brown and dry up after a few days. And then music stops coming out of them. And then I start thinking I can’t play, and for some reason I won’t change the strings for a long, long time. Too long. And then one day, I do, and then it occurs to me that I can play something, perhaps, and then the whole process starts over again.


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