Posted by: spickering | February 8, 2007

You’re a Fool. That’s Quite Possible.

Katharine Hepburn: “We’re going right out of our minds”

Jimmy Stewart: “…And straight into our hearts.”

Blackwater. Saw that as some folks’ name on TV, and thought it would be an interesting band name. You know like the Dooby Brothers, “Ole black water, keep on rolling…” And we live close, sort of, to the Mississippi.

Didn’t wake ’til noon because I didn’t fall asleep until 9am. Worked at the office in the afternoon. Saw James the Window Washer, which was surprising. We had a nice chat, but it was too bone chilling cold, even with a heavy coat. So cold that even when I went back inside, still couldn’t warm up. We paid bills. Had a cheeseburger and banana chocolate milkshake from Purple Cow, and now even hours later, I’m still full, and my stomach feels like a balloon. I am starting Body for Life, tomorrow, right?


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