Posted by: spickering | February 9, 2007

Modern Aphorisms

Independence is not going it alone, its making your own decisions.” Saw that on a TV commericial. Liked it.

The way I figure it, if they haven’t got you one way, they got you another.” -Alfie.
Totally different sentiment, but it makes me laugh, and if you think about it, very profound.

Fool(If You Think It’s Over) – Chris Rea. Nice smokey voice. I always thought that was Boz Skaggs. Saw a commerical for Soft Rock Hits of the 70s. I was raised on those songs, heard them everyday on the radio. It was more like a dreamscape back them. The radio seemed to be a conduit to some heavenly place.  The 70s was the decade of the singer songwriter. They didn’t have mind blowing solos, but it was smooth, and I love all the musical “fills” that highlight all the songs.

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