Posted by: spickering | February 17, 2007



Every little piece of who we are
Was made on the inside of a star…

You know, as poetic as that phrase sounds, its actually literally true. Every atom in our body was fused inside a star millions of light years away, billions of years ago. And we think we haven’t had a journey! Reality is much more sublime than fantasy. And to think that each atom is just a vibrating energy in tune with the whole universe. Whew! I’ve got to sit down, have a drink of water.

The wind was blowing so hard this morning that I thought the pines would fall over. I could barely stand, but I wanted to try some photos with a new camera, really just a cheap Polaroid, but it has that Foveon X3 chip in it that correctly measures the RGB levels at each pixels. So that photo above is around my neighborhood, and the wind was driving some billowing clouds frenetically across a jewel toned blue sky. Now if I can just figure out how to take those date stamps off.

You know, in writing the above, it just struck me why I want to be a writer: I just love words. I love picking out which ones I’m going to use to describe something. I love how they look, how they sound. They cause that aesthetic arrest feeling in me, which is like a meditation. It’s rather like a musician who picks out which notes he’s going to use next.


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