Posted by: spickering | March 1, 2007



OMG! I’m 40 today. And 206 lbs. I shouldn’t even show this photo its so gross. Fat, lazy, and stupid is no way to go through life, son. I’m definitely starting Body For Life tomorrow. This is insanity! I wrote this poem at 35. I guess I need to write another for 40, but I don’t feel any inspiration at the moment. Whew, that went by fast. That’s because I’m not living a life. But I plan on trying to change that. Life begins at 40? Talvez.

Lines for 35

Deeply then I walked the warn paths
Under hickory, oak, and elm.
In a trance my feet would not still dance
Since I had fallen to the ground.
I’d worked so hard, morning and night,
But the faces no longer beckoned,
Intimidated into masks.
Bright green the pear tree was waving.
The spring wind had no scent of sin.
Out here was where it all began.
Where the Purple Martins were bathing.
As silently as Crows eating
This new life stirred from its old house.
Golden hairs did it rouse.

I guess that same sentiment still holds today. The last five years have been like sleep walking. I hope to wake up. I will. I guess the spirit of Muchakunda is in my soul. He slept for 2000 years. But then he was a great King. Hmmmm.

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