Posted by: spickering | March 12, 2007

Self Help Ideas: The Real Shame of Life

The real shame of my life, and perhaps many other lives, is not that “it” was so hard. The real shame is that “it” was so easy, and yet I still didn’t do it. The real shame of life is not that the treasure doesn’t exist. It’s that it does exist. It was always right under my feet, and yet I didn’t dig it up. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is spread upon the Earth, and yet men do not see it.” That’s the real shame. Not that it is not there, but that it is there, that it is here, and yet some of us don’t see it.
But since every problem is an opportunity, then there is something I can do about it now that I have the realization. I have another half of life to live, and there is some comfort in that thought. I’m envious though, of so many people I’ve seen who are half my age, and yet seem twice as wise. It’s somewhat bewildering too. Oh, well. I guess all you can say is God bless them. That’s the thing, I think, some of us have to get around: another’s success doesn’t take away from us. It actually helps us. It’s kind of hard to see at first. You have to repeat it to yourself quite a lot of times, but once it sinks in, it’s very freeing. And freeing things help bring the emotional joy of life back into the picture. Think of it though. If you had a business, would you rather your potential customers be more successful or less successful?
But I digress. In closing, that’s the bittersweet realization: that my dreams were just inside a doorway that I had access to, and yet I didn’t open it. That’s the shame. That’s the pain. A little river of tears. But the happy ending part is that the doorway is still there.

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