Posted by: spickering | March 13, 2007

Art and Entertainment As Salubrious And Salutary

For some reason I wanted to Google “Laughter as Medicine” and I came upon a real study about how people who laughed more had less heart attacks. I thought, “Hmmm, entertainment as medicine, art as medicine. That’s interesting.” Then, as always happens, when you are thinking about something, you start attracting that something into your life. So, as I was flipping I came across a show called “Movies 101” on AMC and the guy was interviewing Kevin Kline, and he mentioned the story about a guy who stopped him to tell him how one of his performances on Broadway had helped him so much during a difficult time.

So there it was again, this sense of art, performing, writing, etc, etc, not being something that merely draws attention, that merely feeds vanity, but something that gives, feeds, heals, nurtures life, the audience.

That helps me somewhat, because I think in the back of my mind, I’ve sort of had a negative connotation about a creative life, or living, thinking somehow it was more about just drawing attention to myself, that it was about vanity. I think that sort of created a shadow about such a lifestyle that it wasn’t “real,” that if someone made it, that they were somehow just duping people. This is enlightening for me and perhaps for others thinking about making a career in art, that you are somehow actually feeding your audience, not picking their pockets.

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