Posted by: spickering | March 20, 2007

She Thinks I’m the Fool

She thinks I’m the fool.
I am the fool, but so what?
Like Matthew Broderick says in that movie
‘There’s something freeing about being totally screwed.’
And if you follow depression all the way down to its muddy
Challenger Deep bottom, you start laughing your ass off!
Not that I want to push my luck, but something funny happens in that chamber.
You feel like you’ve landed in a playground, and the World opens up.
And like … says, now that I have found the ‘secret of secrets’
The empty stomach of my greed has dispersed from the planet of my soul
Like infrared radiation.
I turn my heat seeking miscel towards you and “boom!”
But you do not disappear.
No, because the Devil has designed you
Into the Universe to haunt me,
As long as I keep make these choices.

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