Posted by: spickering | March 21, 2007


Hell yeah! Another half pound. Once again, I did good yesterday. Egg Beaters for B-fast, then that low fat gumbo Healthy Choice frozen dinner that’s so good with shrimp and chicken. Had a banana and apple later. I would have lost a whole pound if I had not been so hungry in the middle of the night and got up and ate a bunch of turkey. Oh, also I had a Coke which works against me, because that corn syrup turns straight to fat. But before I get slap happy, I need to realize it’s not going to come off this easily for long. I’ve got to get to the gym and eat the full 6 meals to get my metabolism going to really burn this fat.


  1. Ah what can you do, not all people are blessed with fast burning calories metabolism! Ordinary mortals like myself, have to take care of every calorie if they do not want to gain weight and exercise a lot in the gym , while some people just eat what they want and never get fat!That is life! I like to eat a lot of gumbo too!

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