Posted by: spickering | March 30, 2007


What the…? This doesn’t make any sense, but I won’t get too worked up about it. Maybe its just some one day aberration. I made a couple of mistakes yesterday, but not enough to gain back two pounds. Jeez, that’s like if I ate a pizza or something. And to think I was so psyched yesterday. Bummed. But I will keep at it.


  1. Just ride it out — I have had lots of weeks I’ve gained for NO reason what so ever. The body weight varies because of water retention, the weather, the planets are not aligned properly, to many reaons to list here — just keep your eye on the prize and the long term goal — in the long run the lbs. come off. Hang in there! Lady Rose

  2. Thanks Lady Rose. It’s nice to have encouragement in this process. I really appreciate it. I was beginning to come to the same conclusion, but its nice to have that verified. Results shouldn’t be looked at day by day, but of course, focus should!

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