Posted by: spickering | April 1, 2007


Another good day. I’m happy. That’s 5 pounds in two weeks. That’s a good pace. I sit here eating Community Bakery Do-nuts while I write this! But, hey, Sunday is “Free Day.” Well, let’s see, yesterday was about the same as the other days, Egg Beater Omelet with a little Turkey, and some turkey and an apple for dinner, and I didn’t make any mistakes. I held off middle of the night hunger. Not to get on my high horse, because I haven’t reached my goal yet, but you don’t need Nutrisystem. The food you need to eat is at your grocery store. You can have a protein and a carb during every meal, but you can’t have Wendy’s, Papa John’s, or even Quiznos. You can have a steak, just not a pound and a half one, and that potato needs fat free cheese and fat free sour cream. Chicken is good, but not fried chicken. Grill a chicken breast. Steam some veggies. Look, you want to lose weight? Buy Body For Life. Read it. And then do it. It’s that simple. A natural, enduring “high” will take the place of that fleeting, Trojan Horse, “high” that you get from that Snickers.


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