Posted by: spickering | April 3, 2007

Pelosi In Syria: What We Want From Democrats

This was a great PR move on her part. It’s also a good PR move for the U.S. I think it makes us look more human. One of us is actually engaging these people as people, and not just labeling everyone “terrorists,” a moniker that dehumanizes people stereotypically, making it easier to start wars.

I think this gut reaction I have epitomizes what the electorate really wants, and it’s the opposite of what the mainstream media tries to push down our minds: we want the Democrats to be in charge of foreign policy and the Republicans to be in charge of the economy. Everyone always says we want the Dems for the economy because they’re tough on it. They put those “evil” corporations in line. They clean things up there. And we want Repubs for foreign policy because they are tough on all these “evil” foreigners. But we don’t want tough. We want easy. Because easy lets the economy grow and raises the living standard. And easy promotes good relationships and lays the groundwork for harmony in the world.

If one candidate would emerge who believed in lower taxes, a return to the gold standard, and who also believed in peace, not war, I think that candidate would run away with it. But they never do, because that’s not what the “elite” few, who control most of the power, want.

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