Posted by: spickering | April 5, 2007


Damn, maybe you do need Nutrisystem if your going to lose weight without excercise. It’s really frustrating to be stuck here. I did everything right yesterday. No bkfst, turkey and apple for lunch, mid afternoon Myoplex Shake, a Healthy Choice frozen dinner and an apple, and that’s it! I had milk with each meal. I love milk, but it was the 1% kind, so I can’t see that as effecting it. Ok, if I want to be laser precise, the coffee I had, had a lot of sugar, and then I drank half a coke, but still.

I just received a friendly comment reminding me of something: The one thing different I have done in the last few days that coincides with my lack of progress is not eat breakfast. Missing breakfast sends a message to your body to slow down metabolism. I take note of that. That might explain things, for when I was eating breakfast I was continually making overall progress, if not day to day.


  1. Could be all sorts of reason for not losing one week. After a lifetime of dieing and finally the one that works for me (70ish lost so far, 80ish left to go) – here is what I recommend –
    1 – KNOW the calories of everything you eat – figure out how many calories you need a day, eat 500 less (will equal a loss of 1 lb a week approx.).

    2 – Eat breakfast – protein item is best (i.e. an egg or egg substitute) with a whole grain item (i.e. a slice of diet bread 45 calories from pepperidge farm) or oatmeal, or an Extend bar (available on line, cheap only 1.10 each, high in protein, stabilizae blood sugar up to 9 hrs)

    Breakfast kicks starts your body – otherwise your body says hey wait a minute I didn’t eat for 8 hours (sleeping) – and now no food, I need to slow down !!!!! and HOLD on to what I have – and refuses to release any fat – no matter how little you eat.

    Lady Rose

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