Posted by: spickering | April 12, 2007


Damn, I keep hitting 200 and bouncing off of it. It’s like I can’t get through. Well, tomorrow I’m going to start working out. Surely that will do the trick. Yesterday my diet was fine, although these chicken breasts I bought are rather large. I had eggwhites in the mid morning, a myoplex shake for lunch, and then the chicken breast and a potato for dinner. Yoplait for desert. Maybe I should eat only 3/4 of those chicken breasts.


  1. Those invisible walls can be so darn frustrating. I have my share of bruises from bouncing off a few of my own. Just hang in there! I wouldn’t cut back on the protein. Perhaps increase your veggies a bit – the body does need some carbs to function. You might want to add some multivitamins and omega 3 tablets. Also, keep in mind the body needs to “flush” out that fat — so even though you can be doing everything right, it can be overloading the systems like the liver — I took Livatone for a few months and that seemed to really help me. I had been bloated, and felt very sore all around the are under my ribs after the doctor did some tests the results were “fatty liver” – no surprise — BUT that meant it wasn’t functioning properly and would make losing weight (getting it out of the body) very difficult. Since using the livatone, no more soreness and weight does seem to be slow and steady but coming down (less plateaus any way so far).

    Hang in there! Lady Rose

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