Posted by: spickering | April 21, 2007

Life is Truly Sublime

You know it’s so weird. I was walking along the golf course with the dogs, having some beers
The air was sweeter than honey. It was like breathing in honey.
And the moon was so clear it was like it was 20 feet away. You’d swear you could touch it.
You’d swear if someone was walking on it, you could see them.
Venus was so bright it would just about blind you.
She was boiling. She was exploding.
Then I saw a faint red looking star. Of course it was Mars, a planet.
And I thought, God, a trillion photons bounced off that soil, changing their wavelength,
Just about five minutes ago, and now they are streaming through my eyes and entering my brain.
I mean, it’s not an illusion. They actually touched the surface of Mars, and now five minutes later they
Are in my brain. That’s weird. That’s awe inspiring. That’s sublime.
And what’s more those same photons were made inside the Sun a million years ago!
Life is weird. Life is amazing beyond any concept we have ever formulated!
It’s weird. It takes a few beers on a beautiful Spring evening to realize that.
It’s my goal to be conscious of it all the time without the alcohol.
The function of society is to block this realization out. Remember what Jung said about religion:
It’s the function of religion to keep people from having religious experiences.
I guess society plays the part of the Seducer and the Fear, and so we become attached to that
And next thing you know we are out of the Garden.
I just realized something: The Garden is not here or there. It’s everywhere!
Only men do not see it. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is spread upon the Earth, and men do not see it.” So I guess the purpose of life, if there is a purpose to life, is to see it, to experience it.
How do you do that? How did Theseus get of of the Labyrinth? Somehow the symbol of the wax string
Provides some kind of clue. That string is subtle and precise at the same time.
You know when you’ve let go, but hardly anyone else does. But they can see you walking into walls all the time. Those things hurt.


  1. Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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