Posted by: spickering | May 9, 2007

The Journey

I’m beginning a journey. I have an organizing principle for it too. I noticed Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets, and they are all numbered instead of titled. I figured 154 sounds like a nice number. You add it up it equals 10 or 1, so ultimately, maybe you are coming back to your true self.
Anyway, each sonnet will represent one day of my journey, one day of my Journey doing the right things: no poisons or addictions into my system and a willingness to meditate to get rid of my ego. Working and breathing at a steady pace, but no mad rush to ful fill myself, or should I say “gratify” myself. Let that state of each moment opening into the next in a better more romantic way, be the way. You know what I mean. We all live in this circular world, good, bad, mediocre, better, good, bad….it’s like “what’s going on?”
Anyway, I’m not out to walk on water or anything, but I do think there is a paradigm where a person’s consciousness can grow day by day, so that next Sunday afternoon you won’t have to be in the same mood you were in this Sunday afternoon, etc, etc.
Although, I don’t believe my “real” life will begin until after the 154 days, I thought I might try to do some creative things anyway, in the spirit of the enterprise. For instance, write my own sonnet each day and number it like Shakespeares. Even if they aren’t very good, I do believe it is the process that is important, so that , say my Sonnet #50 may be a lot better than number 2. I thought of translating them into Portuguese and Russian, two languages I am studying. I thought of writing an original song for each day, etc. etc. Of course, this is all too much. But it is the exuberance that is important, and it is the essence around which everything is being organized. It’s not the fulfillment of an artistic goal, but the fulfillment of an experiencial goal. That is what life is about. I think.


  1. Good luck on your journey!

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