Posted by: spickering | May 10, 2007

196lbs – Deve ser porque, agora, eu não como ou bebo demais

Wow, it’s almost happening too fast! I even ate a big Macademia cookie yesterday! Oh, well. Maybe it’s making up for how slow it went before, or maybe I’ll go sideways for a while. I swear to God, there’s this place called the San Francisco Bread House. First of all their Chicken Salad Sandwiches on Croissant are just freakin’ unGodly, and then they have these Cookies, I mean all of them are good, but the White Chocolate Macademia, I swear to God they shouldn’t be legal. It’s like crack cocaine. Anyway, I’ve eaten there, like every day for the past five days, and it’s not healthy, even though I’ve lost weight, because that’s been my one meal all day, and that’s a sure way to imbalance your hormones and your insulin levels.



  1. Best of wishes in your weight loss journey!

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