Posted by: spickering | June 4, 2007


Wow, finally! I got to ten pounds lost. I just counted, it took 11 weeks. That’s not really spectacular, but then again, I just really started working out about a week and a half ago. So, I’m still proud. I’m very proud at how much I’ve changed my diet. That was a major accomplishment to get off Wendy’s, McDonald’s and of course, Pizza!
11 weeks. Man, how come 11 weeks into the future seems such a long way away, but 11 weeks ago seems only like a flicker? I could have accomplished so much more in the last 11. As a for instance, had I just practiced piano for 30 minutes a day, every day, during that period, how good of a pianist would I be right now? Food for thought. No pun intended.
Well, my next weight goal is 190. I want to get there in 2 weeks. I think the working out, and a laser like focus on what goes into my body should get me there, no sweat. Actually quite a bit of sweat. Again, no pun intended.


  1. Hey, congrats on the mile marker! I hope your self control continues to win out over the temptation! I wanted to recommend a read as well by Dr. Blaylock diets.

  2. Congratulations on achieving your goal. I used to way an astonishing 255lbs. and I’m only 5’7″. So as you can imagine I was HUGE!!

    Honestly man, and I don’t know anything about you, but changing the diet was the absolute hardest part. Like you I was addicted to candy and Whataburger. Don’t get me wrong, my tastesbuds were loving every bite, but my stomach was hating me.

    The worst part was giving up sodas. That was very hard. But giving up all the sodas also dramatically lowered the amount of sugar I put into my body and therefore lowering the amount of calories. I was drinking my recommended amount of calories in my sodas. Think about that for a sec.

    It took me two years to change my diet and now I am happy to report that I am down to 175lbs. I no longer eat any of that crap. I work out habitually. Mainly alot of jogging. Do alot of jogging man, that will help more then you will ever know.

    You’ve already done the hard part. Keep it up and think about all the girls you are going to pick up. Trust me, they will flock towards you…

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