Posted by: spickering | July 14, 2007

191lbs – Time to get Serious

I want 175lbs, enough of these in between goals. I’m shooting for the end game. Sorry, Sonic, but no more of you. No more Cookie Dough Blasts! hahahahahahhahhaahah. I did have a helluva lower body workout Wednesday, that still has me so sore that I can barely stand up or walk, even after a 30 minute Sauna and hour and a half massage. But it’s one of those “hurts so good” kind of things. I was really proud because even though it was my “first day back” so to speak, I did the whole workout even when my legs gave out completely on the lunges and I fell down three times. I was almost crying. But I still got back up and finished all the sets. Hate to “pat myself on the back” too much, but I was really proud of that. I knew I was going to the Sauna afterwards, and I thought, “I don’t deserve the Sauna unless this is a complete workout!”

Strange thing is, although I could barely walk down the stairs of the gym that day, I really didn’t feel this soreness in my legs and buttocks until Friday and today. Weird. But at least I know the energy in building back that muscle is still at work, and burning fat!

As for today, I don’t know. One thing for sure is that nothing is going into my body that is fattening, nothing that is off the BFL diet plan. I should go to the gym, and I probably will. I should do an upper body workout (1 hour) or at least run on the treadmill (20 minutes), one or the other, but its already kinda late, so I don’t know. Think about it here for a few minutes. I’ll report back about tomorrow.

As for addiction. I quit! I may suffer severe nicotine and caffeine withdrawal for a few days, maybe even a week, I don’t know, and I may be even more depressed than usual (possible?) but I don’t care, because I know after I come through it, I’ll feel like a million bucks. I’ll report on any depression or withdrawal symptoms over the next few days or weeks.

Thanks for listening, blog, peace, I’m out!



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