Posted by: spickering | July 15, 2007

190lbs – Go Team Pickering!

Hehehehehheehehehhe. One pound a day. I’ll take it! I’m not kidding. Why not aim high? Yesterday I did decide to go to the gym and I did an upper body workout. It went well, and I finished in a little under an hour.

Then I did something that I have been a virgin to up until last Wednesday: The Sauna! I did 20 minutes in the dry Sauna, and it seems that everyone I meet who are veterans can’t believe I can stay in that long. Well, the first two times was 15 minutes, and that was a challenge. Yesterday there was a Newspaper lying in there, so I layed down and started reading it and the time went by just like that. I’ll tell you what, coming out of there after 20 minutes is something else. I felt so good, so refreshed in the locker room drying off and getting dressed. Then I ate a chicken salad at the restaurant there at the club.

Weird, I came home at about 4pm and just totally konked out until 9:45pm! With no drugs (Klonopin, Ambien, the legal prescribed kind)  I thought it was weird, but maybe in the long run its a good thing, like all of this is clearing a lot of bad out of my body, and my body just needed extra rest. And that’s all I had to eat yesterday, except for a glass of milk when I woke up. That wasn’t intentional, because especially when you start to work out with weights it is especially important to “feed” your body, nourish it, but that’s the way the day worked out.


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