Posted by: spickering | July 16, 2007

189lbs – Psyched!

Nothing like a clear goal that you really want to inspire you! I did miss my leg workout today because I couldn’t sleep last night and I my day got started off late, so that was a bit of a bummer, but I will make it up tomorrow. All I’ve had today was something from the “light” menu at Quiznos, their Honey Chicken Sandwich and baked Lays, and water. I’ll probably just have another “light” sandwich tonight, and or maybe a Myoplex shake. I really want my goal (175lbs) more than I want fattening food, especially ever since Sonic gave me diarrhea the other night, and I am really enjoying working out and then going to the Sauna, so that helps, and I should reach my goal in no time! I really wanted to go to the gym today, but alas, there were time constraints because I had 4 o’clock appointment, but really it might be better because today was the first day my legs have not fell sore.

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