Posted by: spickering | July 17, 2007

189lbs – Holding Pattern

Ok, I guess I couldn’t keep up that torrid pace of 1lb per day anyway, although that may be just an excuse because I haven’t worked out since Saturday, although I still have eaten right. Today, so far I had one of those lite chicken salad wraps, potato salad, and a fruit cup from the Beanery. Don’t know what I’ll have tonight. Not hungry yet. Didn’t eat until 3:30.

Once again, didn’t get to sleep til late, so my day got started late, and all the things I had to do left no time for the gym, but I am determined to get there tomorrow, and do another lower body workout. So I guess these last two days have been sort of a “holding pattern” nothing gained, nothing lost. Oh, well. That’s not bad, but I’m ready to move forward again tomorrow.


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