Posted by: spickering | July 18, 2007

188lbs – Josh Rouse Look (Sort of)


Damn, another pound, even though I didn’t work out yesterday, but I did, of course eat right, ate lite! I did workout today, a damn tough lower body workout. I guess it was tougher because I made that first set of presses higher weights. The “lunges”, the one legged kind, that is the intimidating, intense, intense beyond measure part. It was even harder than last week! I didn’t fall down, but I had to wait 3 minutes before the third set and 4 before the last, and even then I had to wait many seconds between reps. Oh well, I chalk it up to the higher weights on the presses. Hopefully my legs will get stronger and the lunges won’t be so scary anymore. Man I really thought I was going to faint during them!

The 25 minutes in the Sauna, and man, who needs drugs! I was tripping walking out of there! Then the cold shower felt great. Oh well, I’m looking for more progress tomorrow morning weighing in, although I feel kind of full at the moment. Had an egg white omelet with toast, a Myoplex shake mid afternoon, and then one of the Lite Menu Honey Chicken Bourbon Sandwiches from Quiznos and Baked Lays Chips (15 calories from fat). And that’s it. Ok, I had a little Coke (coca cola!) during the day, so that might hurt me, but not too much.

The glasses are cheap ones from the drugstore ($15). I want some “real” Josh Rouse glasses!


  1. SP,

    I have seen on the internet where they recommend getting a “diet coach” and I see you are trying to lose about the same amount of weight as me. Will you stop by my Blog, take a look and then let me know if you will be my “diet coach”?


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