Posted by: spickering | July 19, 2007


Damn, a little regression. Well like someone posted here on a comment, don’t worry about day to day weight so much, or at all. But if I break down my day, try to pin point a mistake, I could look at the two coffees that had sugar in them. I could look at the Coca Cola (1), and as much as I hate to say it, and this may not be right, that Quiznos Honey Bourbon Chicken Sandwiche, which they said was from the Lite Menu, you know, I just don’t know. I have to face the fact that, unless I knew the exact ingredients, that I just don’t know if it was acceptable, as far as a BFL authorized meal. Hey, pat on the the back though the “Baked” Lays and Water, and also for the intense leg work out. You would think that leg work out would carry through and give me benefits for the next several days, with all the muscle tearing down, and building back up, but we shall see.

Lets see, I had an egg white omelette, a Myoplex shake, and then the Quiznos sandwiche, and that was my diet yesterday except for the two coffees, a coke, oh, and a Naked Juice, the puke green colored one that no one buys, but its really good! That, with the workout, its really hard to see any great mistakes, of course, unless, like I did earlier, get real detailed.

It’s weird though, last night before bed, I still felt a little bloated. I thought that was strange. I thought that lower body workout with its set of tummy crunches would really kick any “gunk” out of my tummy. Oh well, we shall see. I’m sure a wise person would tell me that more than 2lbs per week is just too fast, just keep doing what you are doing and let time prevail.


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