Posted by: spickering | July 23, 2007

Let’s Really Try

All I am asking for is seven (7) days. For those seven days let’s do this: none of the addictive substances: tobacco, caffeine, alcohol. Let’s work out vigorously every day. Let’s meditate one hour and then do the 15 minute Self Hypnosis Script on Fear of Flying, and listen to the other Hypnosis CD on Fear of Flying at night before bed. Let’s eat right, according to the Body For Life method, right foods, right time frames. Is there anything else? I can’t think of anything. That’s it! Let’s really try and do this for 7 days, and see if a miracle can happen.

At the very least think how good I will feel! Think how great a massage will feel, a workout. I’ll be happy from the inside. I won’t require things from the outside to make me happy, and I think I will build a shield up so that things from the outside won’t be able to make me unhappy. Think of the pure joy that will radiate from the inside out! Maybe I’m “hedging” my bets to say those things, but those in themselves make it worth it. All the while let’s shoot for the stars, and maybe, just maybe, a miracle will happen. And if doesn’t, let’s go another 7 days, then another. I’m sure at some point along that line something will happen, something great.

Let’s really try! How about it? Yes!!!!!!!!

OK to summarize it’s real easy:

  1. No alcohol, tobacco, or caffeine
  2. Work out every day, vigorously and get in the Sauna and whirlpool afterwards
  3. Eat right, according to Body For Life, and eat every three hours or so
  4. Meditate one hour every day
  5. 15 minute Self Hypnosis Script on Fear of Flying (Or I should say “The Elimination of It”)
  6. 45 minute CD on Elimation of Fear of Flying just before sleep

That’s it. 6 simple things for 7 days. How hard is that? Why does 7 days into the future seem like such a long time, but seven days ago in the past is nothing? I don’t know why. Maybe this will help me figure it out. Another benefit: I think time will slow down. Think of it. Everyone says times moves so fast. They are frustrated by that feeling. But say it doesn’t, then like the Stones say “Time is on my side” for if it does continue to move fast I’ll be in “miracle” space in no time at all! So it’s a win win situation! Let’s set a Google Widget timer to track this, and then after I complete it, and I will complete it, I am completing, let’s give ourself some positive Self Talk that says, “I am proud of myself!”



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