Posted by: spickering | July 24, 2007

185lbs – Wow! (MotoRazr Camera. Blah!)


Damn, I knew I would hit 186 but I didn’t expect this! That one intense lower body workout from last Wednesday really carried through, along with “getting serious” about what I put and don’t put in my body (food that is). What would happen if I worked out everyday? I can imagine 175 (Dare I write it?) in no time. Ok, I’ll say it, although if you read the post below, I’m supposed to save it for an even bigger thing:

“I’m proud of myself!”

It’s not hard to see why I expected at least 186 today. Yesterday I had an egg white omelete and toast, and then later a Myoplex shake, and that’s it. I was a little hungry late at night, but not exceedingly so, not painfully so, or I would have eaten a little something, turkey sandwich or something, but as it was, it was not bad, and I knew I really, really wanted that 186. Guess I would have gotten it anyway!

Well, today, if you read my post below, I’m definitely getting in another intense lower body workout, along with 5 other things. I’m really excited. I hope my legs are stronger today. I think they should be. Also, a haircut today. Finally! Well, I started this whole thing on March 19, so I guess I lost 20lbs in 4 months. That’s a little over a pound a week, so that’s not bad.

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