Posted by: spickering | July 31, 2007

183lbs – Stuck inside of Mobile (With the Memphis Blues Again)

183lbs B

183lbs. Yuck though! I guess because I haven’t done it in the right way, haven’t exercised, kind of used tobacco to stave off the hunger, the fat has left my belly but not my face! I’m just not happy with that mug at all! It’s scarey! It’s not Halloween yet! hehehehehehehehehehe.

And I’ve probably lost muscle mass also. I just don’t look healthy at all. Also, I need to spend all of August in the Sun. I’m so pale! Oh well, tomorrow is Day 1 of the 84 day Body For Life program, so I hope I’m happier with my photo after that, not to be too egotistical or anything. Why does 84 days in the past go by in the blink of an eye, and yet 84 days into the future seems like forever? Oh well, I’m almost embarrassed to post this photo, but I guess its good to document it, to compare, before and after. Click the image for a larger view, or then again, please don’t! Oh well, I guess I’m ‘Stuck Inside of Mobile with The Memphis Blues Again’! but soon I hope I’ll be seeing “Visions Of Johanna!”


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