Posted by: spickering | August 1, 2007

No More Posts of Pics of Me Until….

I go three days or 72 hours without tobacco, alcohol, or coffee. I’m setting my Google widget timer right now for 3 days. Let’s see, that will be Saturday at around 1pm. Maybe by then I’ll feel like being at the pool all day and get some healthy Sun.

I’d like to do the other things: working out, meditation, Self Hypnosis, Acupuncture, Massage, but those aren’t nearly as important as this. This is like my foundation. All I want to think about it is Saturday at 1pm, just getting there successfully. Proving this to myself. Restoring faith in myself.

I’m not even going to worry about my weight so much. I’m 183 right now. I almost think I have been losing to fast, trying for losses everyday. I don’t wish to gain any or anything. I mean, I’m still going to eat right. I can’t substitute food addiction for these other three, or anything like that.

OK, blog, I’ll report back to you in 3 days with a resounding cheer saying, “I did it! I believe in myself!”


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