Posted by: spickering | December 8, 2007

A New Song “Let’s Do It Again”

I wrote this a few weeks ago. I’ve been working on the different tracks off and on since then. I’m sick of hearing it, I’ve been working on it for so long. But I always liked the little melody played on that little toy piano over the E chord.


Let’s Do It Again

I touch the stars
Whenever you are in my arms
Something makes me free
Whenever we make up
Gonna make love
Let’s do it again

All things I know
Rest inside your soul
Something’s calling me
Just over my shoulder
Wanna hold ya’
Let’s do it again.

It’s a sacred place
The smile that’s on your face
Your heart makes me see
What holds it together lasts forever
Let’s do it again.

I’ll hold your sign
Whichever side your on
You are in my dreams
Don’t want to wake up
Just wanna’ make love
Let’s do it again.

Inside your soul
There are fields of gold
Dancing with your song
You show what your made of
Pure and sweet love
Let’s do it again.

Your eyes are the stars
There’s flowers in your heart.
Your lips are honey sweet.
They taste like the spring’s rain
Wash all life’s pain
Let’s do it again.


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