Posted by: spickering | September 16, 2008

It’s Natural

The Metaphor of Nature is that It’s Here, It’s Now, and It’s Effortless. The problem is the Ego. Ego means “I”, I’m separate from all this, I’m better than all this, and I’m worse than all this. I want and desire all this, and yet I despise it. It’s “nasty.” I want to control it, dominate it, at times, and at others I’m terrified of it and run. About sums it it up don’t it?

Some good self talk scripts from this insight:

  1. “My Success and Happiness is right here and now, and it comes to me effortlessly.”
  2. “I am all this, and I love all this because it is a miracle. I am a miracle, and I am never afraid.”

P.S. I just had a thought, which is not a good thing (hehehehehheheeh) This awareness came to me as I was out for a walk not thinking about anything. Isn’t that one of the essences of “being,” doing things, being active, but in a non-tense, non-agitated way? The mind seems to be the blockage, not the solution. When you rest it, that’s when wisdom comes in. That seems to be “being.”


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