Posted by: spickering | September 16, 2008

Quote I Came Across

I saw this on someone’s Orkut Webpage, I liked it.

People will forget what u said,people will forget what u did,but people will never forget how u made them feel..



  1. quite right it is…

  2. My grandmother used to have a sign up in her kitchen that read: When I do right, no one remembers. When I do wrong, no one forgets.

  3. Niecey24,

    It does seem like we get no credit or “pats on the back” when we do right, but of course lots of admonishment or stern looks if we do wrong. It’s frustrating.
    Of course that’s bad “Self-Talk” and I’m all into to “Self-Talk” so I should turn it around and say:

    “I feel great when I do things right and others make me feel great too!” hehehehehhehehehehehehehehhe

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