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My Attempt to “Prove” Evolution

This is taken from a thread on the Gildertech Technology Forum which began with a post entitled “63% Reject Darwin’s Theory of Evolution”

Here’s a link to the story:


Well, that got my feathers ruffled for I knew and know that Evolution is not a “Theory” open to a poll. I knew it was a fact. Anyway there are a lot of other posts in the thread. I’m not going to copy them all, just the one that caused me to try to write out an argument or “proof” that Evolution is a fact. Although no such argument really needs to be made to the scientific community. They already know its a fact. Still since it was a piece of my ‘writing’ and thinking I thought I would post it.



I said, in my first post on the topic:  “Evolution is not a theory. It’s a fact. Relativity is a theory, but so far its predictions have all been accurate.”


Another man, I’ll call him R.A. wrote this in response to me: “Gravity is a phenomenon, a fact, a theory and a law……proven mathematically to the satisfaction of all. 
Evolution is a phenomenon that has not been proven to the satisfaction of all. The collection of facts is not good enough to support the theory and it cannot be mathematically tested. 

Explanations on evolution must be observable, repeatable and testable. We must be able to conceive of an experiment that could refute our theory if it were wrong. If one were to propose an explanation for a phenomenon in such a way that no one could conceive of any way to test or refute it, it wouldn’t be a theory at all, but rather a belief. 

Evolutionists tell us that major evolutionary changes happen far too slowly, or too rarely, to be observable in the lifetime of human observers. Most living organisms and their offspring are said to remain largely unchanged for tens of thousands, or even millions, of years. According to the evolutionist Theodosius Dobzhansky, even when evolutionary changes do occur, they are by nature “unique, unrepeatable, and irreversible.” Dobzhansky tells us that the “applicability of the experimental method to the study of such unique historical processes is severely restricted.” The well-known evolutionist Paul Ehrlich says the theory of evolution “cannot be refuted by any possible observations” and thus is “outside of empirical science.” 

Still, the occurrence of evolution is widely believed to be a scientific “fact” and those who dare to doubt it are not endured gladly. What exactly is the “observable fact” of evolution? First you should be aware that evolutionists recognize two types of evolution — micro evolution, which is observable, and macro evolution, which isn’t. So called “micro evolution” is a process of limited variation among the individuals of a given species that produces the sort of variety we observe, for example, among dogs. Macro evolution, on the other hand, is a hypothetical process of unlimited variation that evolutionists believe transforms one kind of living organism into a fundamentally different kind such as the transformation of reptiles into birds or apes into people. Obviously, no one has ever observed anything remotely like this actually happen. 

The very name “micro evolution” is intended to imply that it is this kind of variation that accumulates to produce macro evolution though a growing number of evolutionists admit there is no evidence for this. Thus an observable phenomenon is extrapolated into an unobservable phenomenon for which there is no evidence, and then the latter is declared to be a “fact” on the strength of the former. It is this kind of limitless extrapolation that comprises much of the argument for evolution. 

In the beginning…….what? Evolution cannot explain origins. Even evolution needs its own dirt. That would be the most amazing fluke of all. 



Here was my attempt at a refutation of what he is saying:

“The empirical evidence is the fossil record. There are no human beings in it, but our ancestors are shaping up nicely all throughout the record from fish to amphibians, to reptiles, to mammals to Lucy to Homo Erectus, Java Man, Neanderthal Cro-Magnon, and finally us, Homo Sapiens Sapiens. 
The other evidence is genetic mutation which occurs through cosmic rays and the occasional 1 in a billion mistake by the RNA readers. 

The last piece of evidence is natural selection. It does occurs over thousands, hundreds of thousands of years, because genetic mutations occur so infrequently and those that do occur 999,000 out of a million are disadvantageous, as evidenced in many genetic diseases seen today. 

So how do we know natural selection existed and exists? Easy. It’s rapid cousin used by us to produce the traits in livestock and pets that we want: Artificial Selection. With artificial selection we have and do create entire new breeds in just a few generations, instead of hundreds of thousands of generations that natural selection takes. We select for the traits that we want. And 99.99999999999999999999999 to another thousand nines those traits bread true. 

We know that genes produce traits and we know that genes most of the time breed true, but we also know that genetic mutation exists. We’ve seen that in that laboratory and its effects in the real world. We also know through the science of Geology that the environment has changed tremendously over the 4 billion year life of the Earth. Then sex evolved quite by accident, but it was an advantageous mutation and was selected For, and it sped up the process quite a bit by combining the genes of different individuals in reproduction. Still, evolution was a mind numbingly slow process taking place over Eons because of the rarity of mutations themselves much less the rarity when they did occur of them being anything but something that would kill you. Also the environment changes very, very slow, continental plates moving a millionth of an inch a year etc. But with 4.3 billion years to work with Natural Selection combined with genetic mutation turned an atom of carbon it into us and all the life we see around us and that has ever been. 

If there are no human beings in the fossil record, and your saying evolution is not a fact, then where are you proposing that we came from? 
Did we beam down from the Enterprise? Where is the evidence for anything like that or anything that refutes evolution? There is none. And there never will be. 

Gravity is a force of nature that can be described, measured, and whose effects can be predicted, but no one knows its mechanism of action, not one scientist in the world, and what is more no one will ever know its mechanism of action. Any more than we know the mechanism of how the electormagnetic force that allows me to send and you to read this message, works. Or will we ever know. We can discover it, we can measure it, we can describe it, we can create theories and equations to predict it, we can produce machines that harness it but we don’t know how any of the forces really work on the most fundamental level. So the tension of Mystery and Immanence still lives out in the Psyche. There, you can have your religion and eat it too. For, not only is there such thing as a free lunch. The Universe, the Multi-Verse, and Hyperspace are the ultimate free lunches.”


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