Stephen Pickering is a writer and musician. He is interested in languages and mythology, and how to make his wrist stop hurting after playing the guitar.

Email: SpickeringLR@gmail.com or Stephen@StephenPickering.com  (the gmail account aggregates it)

Twitter: twitter.com/Pickering

Facebook: My Facebook Page

Myspace: Myspace.com/stephenkp

Myspace Music: Myspace.com/StephenPickering

FriendFeed: FriendFeed.com/StephenPickering

Skype: Stephenkp67

Orkut: My Orkut Page  (You have to have an Orkut account to see it, and if you’re not Brazilian you probably don’t. Don’t worry. There ain’t much to see.)



  1. I think you’re cutest with the glasses, actually. But seriously, are you the Stephen Pickering with the Chofetz Chaim middle name or publisher, and the Bob Dylan title on amazon? I am trying to find out more about your book. Originally I was doing a search on the CC but I like Dylan too. Maybe there are links to more info on your website here but if not please write me with some info. Thanks ever so much. LIzzie

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