183lbs B

183lbs. Yuck though! I guess because I haven’t done it in the right way, haven’t exercised, kind of used tobacco to stave off the hunger, the fat has left my belly but not my face! I’m just not happy with that mug at all! It’s scarey! It’s not Halloween yet! hehehehehehehehehehe.

And I’ve probably lost muscle mass also. I just don’t look healthy at all. Also, I need to spend all of August in the Sun. I’m so pale! Oh well, tomorrow is Day 1 of the 84 day Body For Life program, so I hope I’m happier with my photo after that, not to be too egotistical or anything. Why does 84 days in the past go by in the blink of an eye, and yet 84 days into the future seems like forever? Oh well, I’m almost embarrassed to post this photo, but I guess its good to document it, to compare, before and after. Click the image for a larger view, or then again, please don’t! Oh well, I guess I’m ‘Stuck Inside of Mobile with The Memphis Blues Again’! but soon I hope I’ll be seeing “Visions Of Johanna!”

Posted by: spickering | July 30, 2007

First Pics With New Camera

Aspen Backyard Bone Smallest

Finally a camera that takes clear pics without me having to stand stock still! Aspen in the backyard with a bone. This is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3. I got it because I saw it recommended in PC Mag. Well, I’ve only taken a few shots, just this evening, but so far I’m happy! Click the image to see a larger version.

Posted by: spickering | July 24, 2007

185lbs – Wow! (MotoRazr Camera. Blah!)


Damn, I knew I would hit 186 but I didn’t expect this! That one intense lower body workout from last Wednesday really carried through, along with “getting serious” about what I put and don’t put in my body (food that is). What would happen if I worked out everyday? I can imagine 175 (Dare I write it?) in no time. Ok, I’ll say it, although if you read the post below, I’m supposed to save it for an even bigger thing:

“I’m proud of myself!”

It’s not hard to see why I expected at least 186 today. Yesterday I had an egg white omelete and toast, and then later a Myoplex shake, and that’s it. I was a little hungry late at night, but not exceedingly so, not painfully so, or I would have eaten a little something, turkey sandwich or something, but as it was, it was not bad, and I knew I really, really wanted that 186. Guess I would have gotten it anyway!

Well, today, if you read my post below, I’m definitely getting in another intense lower body workout, along with 5 other things. I’m really excited. I hope my legs are stronger today. I think they should be. Also, a haircut today. Finally! Well, I started this whole thing on March 19, so I guess I lost 20lbs in 4 months. That’s a little over a pound a week, so that’s not bad.

Posted by: spickering | July 23, 2007

Let’s Really Try

All I am asking for is seven (7) days. For those seven days let’s do this: none of the addictive substances: tobacco, caffeine, alcohol. Let’s work out vigorously every day. Let’s meditate one hour and then do the 15 minute Self Hypnosis Script on Fear of Flying, and listen to the other Hypnosis CD on Fear of Flying at night before bed. Let’s eat right, according to the Body For Life method, right foods, right time frames. Is there anything else? I can’t think of anything. That’s it! Let’s really try and do this for 7 days, and see if a miracle can happen.

At the very least think how good I will feel! Think how great a massage will feel, a workout. I’ll be happy from the inside. I won’t require things from the outside to make me happy, and I think I will build a shield up so that things from the outside won’t be able to make me unhappy. Think of the pure joy that will radiate from the inside out! Maybe I’m “hedging” my bets to say those things, but those in themselves make it worth it. All the while let’s shoot for the stars, and maybe, just maybe, a miracle will happen. And if doesn’t, let’s go another 7 days, then another. I’m sure at some point along that line something will happen, something great.

Let’s really try! How about it? Yes!!!!!!!!

OK to summarize it’s real easy:

  1. No alcohol, tobacco, or caffeine
  2. Work out every day, vigorously and get in the Sauna and whirlpool afterwards
  3. Eat right, according to Body For Life, and eat every three hours or so
  4. Meditate one hour every day
  5. 15 minute Self Hypnosis Script on Fear of Flying (Or I should say “The Elimination of It”)
  6. 45 minute CD on Elimation of Fear of Flying just before sleep

That’s it. 6 simple things for 7 days. How hard is that? Why does 7 days into the future seem like such a long time, but seven days ago in the past is nothing? I don’t know why. Maybe this will help me figure it out. Another benefit: I think time will slow down. Think of it. Everyone says times moves so fast. They are frustrated by that feeling. But say it doesn’t, then like the Stones say “Time is on my side” for if it does continue to move fast I’ll be in “miracle” space in no time at all! So it’s a win win situation! Let’s set a Google Widget timer to track this, and then after I complete it, and I will complete it, I am completing, let’s give ourself some positive Self Talk that says, “I am proud of myself!”



Posted by: spickering | July 21, 2007

187lbs – Progress!

Well, I didn’t get it in the right way, but again, I will take it. I didn’t have anything until 3pm except a cup of coffee, and then I had one of those Club Sandwiches from The Purple Cow. Man, I forgot how good those were! They are very big too, but, of course as you can imagine, I was very hungry. There’s some kind of dressing/sauce that just makes this sandwich great. Ok, I will pat myself on the back for at least having the fruit cup instead of chips, and water instead of coke. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I had a coke at all yesterday. So that was another plus.

On the dark side, I didn’t make it to the gym. Once again, I couldn’t sleep again, didn’t get up until late, the whirl wind had started, yada yada yada. You know the story. And then ironically again, the Club Sandwich was so big and stacked so high that I was never hungry again even at night, so its the only thing I had all day. Now, this is not the right way to do things, and I know it. It’s almost like a miny “binge,” but like I said earlier,  and now I’m using stock market lingo, I’m glad and happy I “printed” 187lbs this morning.

Posted by: spickering | July 19, 2007


Damn, a little regression. Well like someone posted here on a comment, don’t worry about day to day weight so much, or at all. But if I break down my day, try to pin point a mistake, I could look at the two coffees that had sugar in them. I could look at the Coca Cola (1), and as much as I hate to say it, and this may not be right, that Quiznos Honey Bourbon Chicken Sandwiche, which they said was from the Lite Menu, you know, I just don’t know. I have to face the fact that, unless I knew the exact ingredients, that I just don’t know if it was acceptable, as far as a BFL authorized meal. Hey, pat on the the back though the “Baked” Lays and Water, and also for the intense leg work out. You would think that leg work out would carry through and give me benefits for the next several days, with all the muscle tearing down, and building back up, but we shall see.

Lets see, I had an egg white omelette, a Myoplex shake, and then the Quiznos sandwiche, and that was my diet yesterday except for the two coffees, a coke, oh, and a Naked Juice, the puke green colored one that no one buys, but its really good! That, with the workout, its really hard to see any great mistakes, of course, unless, like I did earlier, get real detailed.

It’s weird though, last night before bed, I still felt a little bloated. I thought that was strange. I thought that lower body workout with its set of tummy crunches would really kick any “gunk” out of my tummy. Oh well, we shall see. I’m sure a wise person would tell me that more than 2lbs per week is just too fast, just keep doing what you are doing and let time prevail.

Posted by: spickering | July 18, 2007

188lbs – Josh Rouse Look (Sort of)


Damn, another pound, even though I didn’t work out yesterday, but I did, of course eat right, ate lite! I did workout today, a damn tough lower body workout. I guess it was tougher because I made that first set of presses higher weights. The “lunges”, the one legged kind, that is the intimidating, intense, intense beyond measure part. It was even harder than last week! I didn’t fall down, but I had to wait 3 minutes before the third set and 4 before the last, and even then I had to wait many seconds between reps. Oh well, I chalk it up to the higher weights on the presses. Hopefully my legs will get stronger and the lunges won’t be so scary anymore. Man I really thought I was going to faint during them!

The 25 minutes in the Sauna, and man, who needs drugs! I was tripping walking out of there! Then the cold shower felt great. Oh well, I’m looking for more progress tomorrow morning weighing in, although I feel kind of full at the moment. Had an egg white omelet with toast, a Myoplex shake mid afternoon, and then one of the Lite Menu Honey Chicken Bourbon Sandwiches from Quiznos and Baked Lays Chips (15 calories from fat). And that’s it. Ok, I had a little Coke (coca cola!) during the day, so that might hurt me, but not too much.

The glasses are cheap ones from the drugstore ($15). I want some “real” Josh Rouse glasses!

Posted by: spickering | July 17, 2007

189lbs – Holding Pattern

Ok, I guess I couldn’t keep up that torrid pace of 1lb per day anyway, although that may be just an excuse because I haven’t worked out since Saturday, although I still have eaten right. Today, so far I had one of those lite chicken salad wraps, potato salad, and a fruit cup from the Beanery. Don’t know what I’ll have tonight. Not hungry yet. Didn’t eat until 3:30.

Once again, didn’t get to sleep til late, so my day got started late, and all the things I had to do left no time for the gym, but I am determined to get there tomorrow, and do another lower body workout. So I guess these last two days have been sort of a “holding pattern” nothing gained, nothing lost. Oh, well. That’s not bad, but I’m ready to move forward again tomorrow.

Posted by: spickering | July 16, 2007

189lbs – Psyched!

Nothing like a clear goal that you really want to inspire you! I did miss my leg workout today because I couldn’t sleep last night and I my day got started off late, so that was a bit of a bummer, but I will make it up tomorrow. All I’ve had today was something from the “light” menu at Quiznos, their Honey Chicken Sandwich and baked Lays, and water. I’ll probably just have another “light” sandwich tonight, and or maybe a Myoplex shake. I really want my goal (175lbs) more than I want fattening food, especially ever since Sonic gave me diarrhea the other night, and I am really enjoying working out and then going to the Sauna, so that helps, and I should reach my goal in no time! I really wanted to go to the gym today, but alas, there were time constraints because I had 4 o’clock appointment, but really it might be better because today was the first day my legs have not fell sore.

Posted by: spickering | July 15, 2007

190lbs – Go Team Pickering!

Hehehehehheehehehhe. One pound a day. I’ll take it! I’m not kidding. Why not aim high? Yesterday I did decide to go to the gym and I did an upper body workout. It went well, and I finished in a little under an hour.

Then I did something that I have been a virgin to up until last Wednesday: The Sauna! I did 20 minutes in the dry Sauna, and it seems that everyone I meet who are veterans can’t believe I can stay in that long. Well, the first two times was 15 minutes, and that was a challenge. Yesterday there was a Newspaper lying in there, so I layed down and started reading it and the time went by just like that. I’ll tell you what, coming out of there after 20 minutes is something else. I felt so good, so refreshed in the locker room drying off and getting dressed. Then I ate a chicken salad at the restaurant there at the club.

Weird, I came home at about 4pm and just totally konked out until 9:45pm! With no drugs (Klonopin, Ambien, the legal prescribed kind)  I thought it was weird, but maybe in the long run its a good thing, like all of this is clearing a lot of bad out of my body, and my body just needed extra rest. And that’s all I had to eat yesterday, except for a glass of milk when I woke up. That wasn’t intentional, because especially when you start to work out with weights it is especially important to “feed” your body, nourish it, but that’s the way the day worked out.

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